Dr. Suneel

“I’m on a mission to save a million lives a year by being a Real Public HEALTH & WELLBEING campaigner, educating on the science of metabolic health. I believe our healthcare and medical system has become corrupted, and needs a radical overhaul”

Hi! I’m Dr. Suneel Dhand, and I’m an internal medicine physician. I was born in London, grew up in Berkshire, England, and went to medical school at Cardiff University. I then hopped across the pond, doing my medical residency in Baltimore, Maryland. I’ve since worked up and down the east coast, in a number of different healthcare environments and settings. Along the way, I also started a popular healthcare blog, YouTube Channel, and wrote 3 well-being books.

My main clinical interest is lifestyle medicine and metabolic health. Please also visit my main website suneeldhand.com. I am passionate about educating on the science of metabolic health and lifestyle-related diseases. We have gone badly wrong over the last few decades, and today we find ourselves in a position where healthcare and medicine is not only frequently being led down an incorrect path, but has also become very corrupted by financial conflicts of interest and other agendas.

I am vigorously pro-real Science, and anti-Censorship in Medicine, Science and Society (we see a lot of the latter conducted by the negative forces that dominate today)

My thoughts, writings and videos have been widely published online, and can be found in a number of different publications.

I have been extensively involved in medical education and previously held faculty positions at two major Massachusetts medical schools as Clinical Assistant Professor. I have authored articles in clinical medicine that have been published in leading medical journals, covering a range of specialty areas. I’ve also authored chapters in the “5-Minute Clinical Consult” medical textbook. My area of interest, Lifestyle Medicine & Metabolic Health, led me to writing High Percentage Wellness Steps, and the historical fiction book, Thomas Jefferson: Lessons from a Secret Buddha.

Before coming to the United States, I worked in the United Kingdom’s National Health Service, and undertook an elective experience in Australia where I worked with the Royal Flying Doctor Service, flying on airborne missions to the Australian Outback.

I am the cofounder of DocsDox, and you can learn more about that company below. When I’m not working (I don’t work evenings and try to avoid weekends too), I enjoy running, working out, Lindy Hop swing dancing (yes, you read right), traveling the world, and getting back to London as often as possible…


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