Dr Dhand's Real School of Medicine and Health Science

10-point Manifesto


1. Real health is a state of physical and mental well-being, with a healthy lifestyle being the core fundamental building block

2. We have completely lost our way in healthcare and medicine

3. Honest and transparent frontline practicing clinicians must always be leading healthcare, not bureaucrats or politicians. Healthcare must be accessible and affordable for anyone who needs it

4. Our system has become corrupted by financial conflicts of interest and alternative agendas. Big Pharma, Industry, or other political agendas must not corrupt medicine

5. Our leading academic medical centers have become infiltrated by financial and political agendas. Many spend almost as much time attempting to turn their students into political activists, than turning them into true non-judgmental and wise physicians

6. Bodily autonomy, informed consent, and medical ethics must be respected and practiced by all clinicians. Physicians must be critical thinkers who rigorously look at all data objectively and fairly to practice real evidence-based medicine, apply common sense and ethics to all medical decisions, show compassion and empathy, and passionately stand up for their patients’ health and well-being. These values must be taught in medical school

7. Primary care is the cornerstone of healthcare and we have a desperate shortage of primary care doctors. When you do get to see a doctor, you are afforded hardly any time with them, and too much of their time is spent staring at a screen (due to bureaucratic requirements). This has to change, and all clinicians need to get back to their patients and excessively bloated bureaucracy must be reduced

8. We are in the midst of a metabolic health crisis, brought about by a combination of a lack of understanding and awareness of nutritional health science, absence of any societal focus, and complete neglect by our public health authorities. This colossal pandemic needs to be addressed urgently

9. Chronic reversible lifestyle-related diseases are soaring, causing immeasurable suffering and escalating healthcare costs. We need immediate national policy proposals to address this

10. The doctor-patient relationship is sacred in healthcare and must be preserved


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